Saturday, September 24, 2011

audio miniatures

For the last three years, Kath Weider-Roos and I have curated
a series for Michigan Radio called Sounds of the State – a project of
tiny audio vignettes featuring sounds around Michigan. We're wrapping
up production on the series, so Kath and I decided to listen back and
do a little ruminating...on some of the surprises from the project...on
where experiences of listening take us... and on what's next for us as a
duo. Here's a little article on the PlayGallery site, with our conversation
and some of the audio clips we decided to pull out for each other.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

bicycle belles

In honor of the arrival of summer, here's a short I made a couple summers ago in search of one of my favorite sounds of the season: the twinkle of a bicycle bell along the boardwalk.

It was early one morning in Ocean City, New Jersey when I set out to record on the boardwalk. I brought along two young girl friends on the hunch they would make the venture interesting. And, listening back I'm reminded that sometimes the best thing you capture on tape is the moment when things suddenly go awry.

Listen to the clip.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

art on the inside

Nothing in your pockets.

No keys.

No papers.

No kleenex.


Just your driver’s license.

Oh, and no cell phones.

It’s a felony to bring a cell phone into a prison.

My friend and colleague Janie Paul runs through this list for me while we’re sitting in a parking lot outside a correctional facility in Carson City, Michigan. I’ve asked to follow along on a few of her curatorial trips to gather art work for the Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners. Already this is no ordinary studio visit.

Once we enter the prison lobby, we join up with other members of the Prison Creative Arts Project. We wait for a full body pat down, pass through the metal detector and then get escorted across the prison yard and into another cement block building. We step into a small classroom, and suddenly the moment feels oddly festive. About twenty men are waiting for us. Their artwork is spread out on tables throughout the entire room. They’ve been anticipating this moment all year — the rare chance to talk about their art with someone from the outside.

(This short aired on Michigan Radio in March 2011.)

You can read a lovely essay by Janie Paul reflecting on her many years curating the Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners.

Friday, January 7, 2011

archival dispatches

When he was about 5 1/2, my son Eli created Eli Township, a city in Eli Land. It began with some wooden building blocks in his bedroom, and for a few short months included something he called Eli Township Radio — a daily broadcast of music and (very) local news. You could catch the broadcast through Eli's bedroom door during afternoon 'quiet time.' Or sometimes at the kitchen table, when he was accompanied by his faithful radio sidekick (Dad).

Here are a few of those dispatches, circa May 2004, before they all floated off into the aether.

Listen to the clip.